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Gulets in Greece

The best way to get to know the Greek Islands

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The best itineraries of Italy in a Gulet

Italy in a Gulet

Why choose a Gulet?

One of the best options that we can offer you is a gulet for rent to sail across different seas. Gulets are very comfortable boats, for group trips for friends and numerous families, due to the great breadth and the services that they offer. Gulets usually have private rooms with bathrooms, spacious common areas, well equipped kitchens, decks with different areas, crew with skipper, cooks ...

Gulet rental will allow you to live in comfortable cabins, equipped with air conditioning, fully equipped bathrooms and enough space to carry all your luggage. The big spaces and the privacy offered by gulets are an advantage for groups and families. A gulet can be considered to be a floating hotel, with the advantage that you can move around and visit unique places.

At the same time, gulets are very safe and stable boats. Their center of gravity is very low, something highly recommended when traveling with children and first-time navigators. The swinging on a gulet is minimal, even in rough seas. 

What is a Gulet?

A gulet is a motorboat with sails. It has also masts made of wood. A gulet allows you to relish the experience of sailing in a calmed and relaxed way, at a regular speed, with the confidence of being in a stable, safe and elegant boat.

The best way to enjoy your group holidays with family or friends at sea is with a gulet. A gulet offers you more capacity and more space, more stability and safe navigation ... It is perfect for friends and large families.

Life on board of a Gulet

The life on board of a gulet invites only to relax and comfort. In the morning, you can take a few hours to travel to a new destination. Then, simply enjoy life: beaches, baths, sun, diving, fishing ... you decide what to do. In the afternoon you can sail too, with enough time to reach the place where you want to anchor or moor.

Recommended Destinations

We have a wide range of destinations. You will be able to enjoy unique vacations with your family or friends on a gulet cruise. We will make every effort to meet your needs and to accommodate dates and destinations. The Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Indian and the Pacific Ocean are destinations worthy of being visited on board of a Gulet.

Get in touch with our sales team and they will select the best option for you.

Gulets with Crew

Big gulets are usually crewed (skipper, cook, sailors, if necessary ...) because they are large boats. The crew is required and designed to take care of your needs and that of the boat.

Rent a Gulet with a crew will allow you to enjoy the trip in the company of professionals connoisseurs of exclusive itineraries.

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